Director appointed

Professor Tadahiro SHIBUTANI was appointed as the director of the center for creation of symbiosis society with risks in Yokohama National University.

The mission of the center is to systematize social implementation in a risk-symbiotic society as an academic discipline. There are various risks in modern society, and we need to manage the society in harmony with the risks. Although prompt social implementation of science and technology is required to solve social problems, an appropriate methodology has not been established at present.

Under the leadership of former Director Kazuhiko Noguchi, we have contributed to a wide range of social implementation activities such as the formulation of various domestic and international standards and guidelines related to risk symbiosis. After four and a half years of activities, issues that are difficult to implement in society by the university alone have become clear, and from 2020, the NPO Risk Symbiotic Society Promotion Center will be established to promote a wider range of social implementation activities. It’s a schedule.

The center will expand to the world as a research base for a new academic system originating from the university in order to realize the desired social image. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation, and we look forward to the participation of those who agree with the purpose of this center’s activities and work together.

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